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G Eazy – I Mean It Ft. Rick Ross & Remo

Listen or download “G Eazy – I Mean It Ft. Remo” (new song). G-Eazy comes through today with a remix of his single “I Mean It”, originally featuring just Remo, Eazy has added Ricky Rozay to the mix. It was a dope look from the start, but does the addition of Ross make it even doper?

The song, which has echoing production from Chrstoph Andersson, lives on G-Eazy’s new album These Things Happen, in stores now. Hit the iTunes link to support the dude, and head here to stream the LP for free.

G-Eazy just wrapped up his tour for These Things Happen back in March, and since then he’s kept the promo going by dropping off loose cuts like “Monica Lewinsky.”



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