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Mike Ezuruonye & Bimbo Manuel Beaten And battered By Nigerian Police For Murder Case

mike ezuruonye murder case

A deep secret links Bimbo Manuel, Mike Ezuruonye and Uti Nwachukwu in a new movie titled Breathless. The trio is connected by the unresolved murder of Professor Okpodu’s mistress.

Fingers point in the direction of Ezuruonye and the matter is made worse when the sister to the mistress, Jenny, arrives from the sky to work for Prof Okpodu, in an attempt to blow the evil whirlwind open and avenge her sister’s death. She falls into a lust triangle and becomes the trigger for an almighty feud between Nwachukwu and Ezuruonye.

The movie climaxes when it exposes minute-by-minute the messy secrets.

Ezuruonye stars as Ben (Okpodu’s biological son), Bimbo Manuel (Professor Okpodu), Uti Nwachukwu as Priye (adopted son), Brycee Bassey (Jenny), Bobby Michaels (detective) and John Njamah as Kwame.

The film was directed by Charles Uwagbai, who had previously directed Okoro The Prince, Black Sillhuoete and Drive.


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