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Exposed: Top Yoruba Actors & Actresses Who Are Sleeping With Each Other

Saying that the Yoruba movie industry has produced a lot of couples is like stating the obvious. Since the establishment of the industry many decades ago, a lot of actors and actresses have been marrying themselves while they still keep their profession going. Though, the marriage might not last. In this piece, Slickson writes about some popular Yoruba movie couples you hardly see together but who are still acting, and at the same time keeping their homes. This set of a couple are very good when it comes to role interpretations, their acting prowess is extraordinary. They are legally married with children but you hardly see them together.

1. Don Richard & Kenny Richard

The King of Entertainment as Don Richard is often called by his fans is a well-known actor in the industry. De-king nd  de-queen of entertainment_684290He came into acting about 28 years ago and he has tremendously been contributing to the uplifting of the industry. He got married to his colleague, Kenny Don Richard in 2006. Kenny has been acting since 13 years ago and she has played lead roles in some hit movies like Eku Metta,ELEDE,Idao   Ola,Itele,Inuji   and much more.

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